About Us

The only hostel run by travelers for travelers. Small in size but big in passion, located right by the Main Square!

Our philosophy is simple, The Wild Elephants Hostel is not just a cheap bed in a good location, we offer you an experience unlike any other. We are international travelers who would like to involve you in various daily activities such as our delicious vegan family dinners; and fun pub crawls where staff and guests form one bunch for a wild night out in the best and cheapest local venues of Bratislava.

The Inclusive social environment that we work hard on to create will easily make you a part of your new home away from home, from the moment you arrive. We might NOT be the fanciest hostel, best equipped, newly furnished or even professional, but we love what we do and we share this love with everybody who seeks a free spirited place to have fun and meet people.

We are on the 2nd floor of a 200 years old historical building, therefore we do not have an elevator or unlimited hot water in the showers. What we do have instead is a hip space shared with up to 40 of your future friends, spacious common areas to hang out, artistic free walls to paint and express yourself on, a well equipped kitchen, comfortable smoking area with table foosball, time machine, big banana room, etc.