About Us

Welcome to Bratislava, the Beauty on the Danube. Our laid-back city is the perfect place to chillax. Big cities got you down? Tired of the hustle and bustle? Bratislava is the spot for you. As opposed to cities like Vienna, Budapest or Prague, here you will find it easy to circumnavigate.

You will find narrow allies with picturesque scenes, small tea and coffee houses, awesome bars and music venues and much, much more. The hostel, located in the historic center, gives you the opportunity to explore the city just by walking out from the front door. The city is right on our doorstep!

We have free WIFI so you can continue doing the online social jazz, when not joining in one of our activities. The best of all, we will do the best we can to make you feel at home, by offering different tours, movie nights, pub crawls, cooking events and all the enjoyable elephant activities. We mix hip eco furniture with some rustic parts so when you crash on the couch you will feel like an elephant at home.

To get here from your arrival points you will need to use a tram or bus same as to every other hostel, but once you check-in you will need no public transportation, because you can reach everywhere on foot. All the traditional restaurants, Bratislava Free Tours, theaters, bars, historical venues are in front of us, down the street or around the corner.

We know you enjoy your stay with us here in Wild Elephants Hostel!